Jukeboxes For Sale

Rock-Ola SyberSonic Legend


This is a 1996 100CD jukebox. It features a dual zone amplifier, remote control, and automatic input switching for Bluetooth audio. The changer was rebuilt. It is fully serviced and ready to go.

Rock-Ola Digital Touchscreen Jukebox


This is a hard-drive based jukebox. It holds up to 13,000 CDs worth of music. Browse your music collection and create playlists. The lists can be played, saved, or burned to CDs. The 1,600 watt sound system was designed by the Peavey Company.

SyberSonic Legend Side View


The cabinet is Burgundy and Beige. Price is SOLD plus tax delivered within 100 miles. Ask about "Cash and Carry" Discount.

Digital Jukebox Screen


There are dozens of features and programming options. BONUS: The unit comes pre-loaded with over 1,300 CDs. That's a $5000 value itself. This unit was used as a demonstrator at several trade shows. The software was recently updated. Price is $2400 plus tax delivered within 100 miles. Ask about shipping options.